Thursday, September 11, 2014

South Haven Sunset.

So we ran down to see the sunset last night and it wan't all that great but the pictures turned out gorgeous.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Addison's 1st day of Preschool

Mom, guess what???

Yes, Addison....

There are no more days left!!! I can go to preschool!!!!!!

Those were the first words out of her mouth this morning. So on top of all the house renovations, camping this past weekend, my little girl got to (finally) go to preschool.

And if your wondering why she is standing in front of the newly constructed house...that's where our front door will be. And since I want to take all her pictures in front of the house by the front door, this is what she gets for this year. She didn't want her picture taken at all this morning and I was very lucky to get the few that I did.

She was just a little excited!

All set and ready to go! She found her chair and she was ready to dive in...I hope all first days of school are this easy!

Phase 2 House Reno!

So let's try this again....sorry to those who got the email yesterday and then there was no photos. But here it is....I left on Thursday to go camping with my family over the Labor Day weekend and I came back to this!!!

And here's where we are at today....the windows went in and the wrap around porch is started!

It's coming together very quickly....today I painted trim and tomorrow I start painting siding!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

South Haven Sunset

Beautiful sunset tonight...


Tuesday, June 3, 2014


So when did June happen????

For us, May was crazy busy. Brian did a ton of traveling again and the twins decided to start potty training. They are doing really well with it and hopefully I bought the last boxes of diapers. We still need the pullups for naps and bedtime though. 

But I realized that I hadn't done a blog post on just the girls lately so here they are.

They are so much different from last year. All I remember about last spring/summer was them constantly trying to run into the road. They now play great outside and know that if they want to say hi to the neighbors across the street they have to tell me and look both ways.

They love the play set out back and love to play fairy pirates. (Tinkerbell has a new Pirate Fairy movie) 

Savannah: (Nina) wow has this girl got energy. She is always wearing pink and is in love with dresses. Or anything else that looks like a dress. She can be quite naughty and she knows when she does something that is wrong. She loves to read books and magazines and refers to me constantly as "My Mudder" and when she gets mad and you don't listen, she will roar at you! And she loves her Red Fish Blue Fish Book.

Charlotte: (Char or Char-babe)
Oh is this girl a lover! She still gives the best hugs. She typically is more serious than Savannah. Char loves baby dolls and playing tea parties. She also is a great little snuggle bug. She wears purple most days and like Nina is obsessed with all things dress-like.

And then there is Addison: (still my Bug-A-Boo) But she also sometimes gets called Goobersnitchel, Miss Elaine, and now Flipper. She doesn't like to be called Flipper though. She still has her daddies charm, whit, and pretty much is just like him but in girl form. She also takes it the hardest when daddy is gone. She is still super snarky and loves the beach!!! She is very talkative and will strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone! She loves to do dramatic play and to mow the grass with mom or dad. She will sing the whole time while riding on the mower with us. She is turning into such the little lady and is super excited to start pre-school this fall. And soccer....she can't wait to play soccer!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Project Complete!!!!! (Upstairs)

IT"S DONE!!!!! 

And the girls are already moved in!!!!  Well they have actually been moved in for almost a month already but I just haven't had time to post the final pictures of it all!

We had the carpet go in over spring break and that weekend, we moved the girls in!

They love it! No more 3 girls sharing a sleeping room and Addison is very happy to have her own space again!

So here we go....

Here is the twin's room.

 This is Charlotte's space.

And here's Savannah's.

Here is Addison's room

Excuse Char...they kept trying to follow me around while I was taking the pictures.

Here is the Kitchenette.

And here's the play area....eventually a loveseat and a chair will go up here. 

When we find something we like.

Here's the girls bathroom

And vanity

And the guest room. Which will also be our room come Labor Day when we start the next big project!

And the hallway to the bathroom and guest room. At the end of the hallway there will eventually be a porthole window. But right now there is a roofline there and will get replaced this fall. And eventually we will be cutting in a doorway on the right side of the hallway to go to the master bedroom/bathroom and laundry room!

I am loving having more space for the girls to play and they love having their own space. Check out the next blog entry to see what changed downstairs!